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Koka Kids animated Judo syllabus

Kokakids Junior Judo


Judo Throws – this the Ultimate Guide to all 40 Throws of the Gokyo no Waza. Learn every judo technique. See animations of each throw. Get tips from champions. Mark your progress with a free technique tick-chart.

How to use this page

Want to find out how to do a judo throw?

  1. Scroll down and click on the name of the technique you want to learn.
  2. Go a the tutorial page with an animation of that judo technique and get tips on how to do the throw.
  3. Download a handy tick-chart with each throw of the Gokyo.
  4. Practise! Start slowly with Shadow Uchi-Komi and build skill before speed.
  5. When you can do a technique tick it off on your tick-chart.